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I’ve often advised clients against starting a new blog. My feelings have changed somewhat with the ascent of LinkedIn’s publishing platform or tools like Medium, which make it much easier to garner an audience. But on the whole, blogs aren’t usually the best way to reach and influence the people my clients are trying to engage. And quite frankly, many clients don’t have the time or resources (or genuine interest) to do it well. Or even do it adequately. I’d much rather see a website with no blog at all than an anemic one that hasn’t been updated in months or years.

So why on earth would I opt to start blogging myself? I have been a very busy business owner for more than 10 years now – all without having a blog. And when I am not working on behalf of clients, I try to spend less time on my computer, not more.

For starters, writing a blog suddenly feels like fun. I have always enjoyed sharing insights, opinions and stories with clients and colleagues. I haven’t had an electronic platform to weigh in on topical issues or current events since I stopped participating in social media in 2013. While I definitely don’t miss Facebook, I do find myself missing the occasional megaphone. (Even if the audience is smaller.)

A blog also feels like a creative opportunity to provide more context than simple web copy or an introductory meeting might. A chance to share more about today’s PR landscape, more about my work, my passions and values.

And I think it will be a great way to stretch myself. While I received a lot of attention in my early days as a journalist writing about myself (back when “creative nonfiction” was a novelty and not so much a norm) I’ve stayed behind-the-scenes in recent years in my efforts to publicize clients. A blog feels like an appropriate step back to publicly sharing my point of view and voice, with the end goal of trying to be of service to readers.

It’s an experiment in the making. And with this first post, a quasi-contract with myself. Thank you for joining me on this journey!