Boulder Community Health

When news spread that one of their nurses had stolen pain medication meant for surgeries and replaced it with tap water, Boulder Community Health needed help managing the fallout. The hospital had taken all the correct actions, including alerting local police, the board of nursing and affected patients. But when previously unknown details about the crime became public, we had to act fast to protect the hospital’s longstanding reputation. In addition to managing media relations, we developed a proactive strategy that engaged third-party experts to share their assessment. By detailing how common drug diversion is nationwide, and that most hospitals simply fire offenders, leaving them free to work elsewhere, Boulder Community Health was positioned as an example of best practice and won multiple awards for its efforts to improve patient safety.

“Katherine was a tremendous resource for us during a media crisis. She hit the ground running and got up to speed on our situation very quickly. It was an emotional time for many of us, and her calm and deliberate manner helped us focus on addressing important issues rather than blaming the media. Once we got beyond crisis mode, she served us well as an objective advisor. Katherine’s organizational skills were invaluable in helping us identify key decisions that needed to be made and keeping us on track during an extended planning period.”

Rich Sheehan, Director of Marketing and Public Relations