ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers

As a distributed healthcare network operating across 23 states, ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers boast some of the world’s top prosthodontists, many with successful private practices of their own. When the network began to make changes to its suppliers and leadership, ClearChoice needed to step up its communication with its doctors and hired us to help. For two years, we served as its de facto corporate communication department, building and running a robust internal communication program that was credited with helping to re-engage employees and doctors alike and create a culture that fueled productivity and growth, which led to the company’s acquisition. We also worked closely with the new executive team to ensure key communication pieces were in place, such as brand values and a crisis plan, and provided strategic counsel on thought leadership, change management, media relations, CEO activism and more.

“What impressed me most was how deeply the Davis team immersed themselves in our business. From the business model, the unique personalities and the challenges we face – even the unique lingo we use – the Davis team became experts in our business. As a result, our new communication program is professional and relevant, with an effectiveness far beyond the expectations we had going into the engagement.”

Kevin Mosher, CEO